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People are talking about the Marijuana addicts



People are talking about the addicts who are overdosing due to the Marijuana usage.

Maybe we should start talking about the people who take Marijuana just to be able to function in life.

Chronic pain ruining life PERIOD.  I know from experience that when you live in that much pain, you get to a point where all you can see is the ultimate way out, a way that can take away the pain from my body forever. Chronic pain is blinding. It blinds you from life, family, joy and happiness. It robs you of your hopes and dreams, until you are left withering, suffering and asking yourself, “Is this all my life is ever going to consist of ” Living in so much pain?”

Too many of us are forced to live this way. For some, it is just too much to bear and suicide is our only way out. I can honestly say I have thought of this. I was in so much pain I was contemplating suicide. Then I found a compassionate, caring group of doctors at a pain clinic and my life was spared.  I was seeing chiropractor, given acupuncture, and massage.

I was also put on a manageable dose of the Marijuana flowers.  For 5 years, I had my dreams back. I could see a future filled with family, friends, joy and happiness.

My body is still breaking down and nothing is going to change that.  I’m 42 and have the spine of a 80 year old.  I’ve shrunk over half inch due to the discs deteriorating in my back. I’ve had 3 discs removed and my spine fused. Both knees are bone on bone. Doctor found fluid pockets in many of the joints, so it’s not only painful but also very difficult to move.

Don’t get me wrong, Marijuana’s CBD maybe able to do the tricks for easing the pain. But for most the time, it simply take the stress away from me.

Marijuana doesn’t relieve the pain completely. While Demerol kept the pain manageable at a 3-4 level, Marijuana keeps me at a level 6, which is uncomfortable most days.  Occasionally, when I overdo things, I can spend 24 to 36 hours at a level 8.5. Those are the days I wish I was still taking the Opioids or at least had them as an option.

All in all, I was lucky. A friend of mine suggested me to try out the edible. I bought a bag along with some flowers from BCBUDGUYS. I had never purchase any flowers online and was worry. My friend walked me through my first purchase and within 5 business days, I got my package!

During my first try on the edible, it was a long lasting calm and relax experience. I felt like I didn’t have the need to smoke any flowers. It felt like it helps me to relax every bit of my muscle and kept the pain manageable at a 3-4 level. This can be my permanent solution! My way out!

I felt like I had my life back. At least I can somewhat be in control of the pain and there is nothing else on the planet that can be more enjoyable from smoking the flowers. I don’t need to see the pharmacy and do line up anymore. Couple of clicks, my order arrives to my front door within five days.

Big shut out to my dear friend ~Big John.

~I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, John. Thank you so much for your recommendation.~

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